Timothy E. McPherson

« I like my first one so much I'm getting one for my second guitar. Now I have one on my acoustic guitar at home and another for my electric guitar at the office. I use it for my Ultimate Guitar and Amplitube apps. »

Great Replacement for Music Stand and Fake Book
D. Bell

« Really neat!! It makes a compact package when on the go with Lanikai concert uke; it fits fine on mine, though it apparently won't fit on all concert ukes, per another review. I used to have to pack up music stand, thick fake book and other apparatus to be able to play on the go. Now, I can put everything in my uke case or gig bag and I'm set. I do have to disassemble the GSK, if I want to put it in case, which makes me nervous about posible breakage (plastic upper part). If handled carefully, this could last a long time. Now I can walk around and play music with iPod right in my face--almost too close. The only problem with using this with uke, is that it becomes neck-heavy, with weight of IPod--still very usable and the best solution yet for on-the-go guitar and uke players. I use it all the time. »

Opens up so many possibilities
Hugh Effow

« I already own a Sidekick and it has really increased the number of songs I can play. I used to always be looking for my sheet music all over the place. Now I just access any song I want from my Iphone (or should I say guitar) using the Ultimate Guitar app and access scrolling tabs from there. I also use my Iphone for tuning my guitar as well. Oh! and also record what I play. My Iphone is now about 80% of the time on my guitar. »